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April Update and Professional Procrastination

So, perhaps the decision to learn miniature painting wasn’t the best choice for my writing productivity. On the other hand, look at this sentinel painted in oils!

All things aside, right now we’re in the slow bit between releases. Even though you can’t see things moving, trust me that they are. War Horses Book 2: Ymir released two months ago and has been steadily moving, continuing the story of Vandal and the Chevaliers on a new planet facing deadly new enemies. War Horses Book 3: Serpent Valley is just waiting for editor availability. I should have that going late May or early June, and I’m shooting for a release window between September and November. Work on War Horses Book 4 (working title: Dog Soldier) is slower than I’d like because of my newfound obsession with miniatures. Probably around August I’ll have to stop procrastinating and paint the cover.

Looking ahead to the more immediate future, for my fellow fantasy fans, Oathbreakers Anonymous will be releasing July 15. This humorous fantasy novel is a love letter to tabletop RPG shenanigans, but still packs a lot of heart and a few twists that have really caught early readers off guard. I’m sure you guys will love it. The first few reviews have already started rolling in, and I’m super excited to get it in the hands of more readers.

Speaking of that other hobby I mentioned, what finally got me into miniature painting was a couple factors. The first and main reason was the easy accessibility of the Slap Chop method of speed painting, which makes miniature painting essentially idiot proof (though I tried my best to disprove that). If you’re curious about mini painting, but are worried that your skill level is prohibitive, I highly recommend checking out a few videos on Youtube about this process. It really does bring models to life very quickly. Instead of 2+ hours per model, you’re looking at about 30-30 minutes.

The other factor is that I recently learned how to use oil paints on miniatures. Most people prefer acrylics, but my relationship with acrylics can be described as strained at best. I’ve always found them stubborn and unforgiving, whereas oils’ ability to blend and push and pull right on the canvas (or in this case, model) has always felt forgiving and intuitive. I’ve put it all into practice by building out a full army of synthwave-themed Astra Militarum so that I can start playing Warhammer 40k.

If you want to see pictures of my mini painting progress, the best way for that is to follow my Instagram @scottwarrenbooks where I post, ironically, very little book content. Go figure (no pun intended).

Love you guys, byeeeee


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