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Scott Warren

Science Fiction & Fantasy Author


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What's New?



Chevalier is the silver prize winner in the 2023 Reader's Choice award for military fiction!

Chevalier starts the journey of Rande Vandelle, a mech maintainer who reluctantly enters the cockpit during a desperate struggle. With two books released, and a third coming out September '23, War Horses is the perfect series for fans of modernized mech warfare in an alternate history world.

book 1 kindle new.jpg

I enjoyed it immensely, partially because of my background, partially because of my reading of it as a critique on some of the woes of capitalism. It’s my firm belief that you’ll find plenty to love within these pages.

Filip Magnus


Praise & Reviews

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delightful, hilarious, and immersive full of action, adventure, twists, and turns.

Rellim Reads

book 1 kindle new.jpg

With lovable, complex characters and fast-paced, brutal battle scenes, Scott Warren’s CHEVALIER (War Horses Book 1) is an explosive introduction to a promising military sci-fi series.

Aimee Jodoin



About Scott Warren

Scott is 35 and lives in Maryland with his wife and cat. While his career with the DoD demands he often be away from home, he's never far from a manuscript in progress, and has even been known to steal a few pages in the back of a Blackhawk.

Scott is the author of over 10 novel-length works of science fiction and fantasy, including the economics-based adventure, The Dragon's Banker, as well as the swash-buckling space privateers of Vick's Vultures. His newest series, War Horses, puts a gritty new spin on big, stompy mechs in an alternate future.

Not only does Scott write, but also illustrates most of his covers and narrates his own audio books!

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