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War Horses Book 4:
Dog Soldier

The War for Cinto DaSelva continues in Dog Soldier. Marching alongside the Serpent Valley Botanists Union, Vandal of the Chevaliers campaigns against the Damascan forces.


But setbacks begin to draw forth increasing brutality on the part of Helene DeChile, calling her leadership into question. Vandal must question everything he believes if he hopes to survive the war.


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War Horses

Series (ongoing) - 5 Books (ebook, audio, and print)

Big stompy mechs and lots of action

BOOK 1 - Chevalier

BOOK 2 - Ymir

BOOK 3 - Serpent Valley

BOOK 4 - Dog Soldier

BOOK 5 - Grand Melee (coming soon)

War Horses is a futuristic science fiction series about Vandal, a mechanic-turned-mercenary in conflicts across hotly contested worlds. Powerful MBUs, or Main Battle Uprights, anchor combined arms regiments across the Gulf of Heracles in a competitive galaxy of factions vying for position.

What to read first?

My ongoing series of sci-fi action. Approachable and pulpy, with likeable characters you'll root for and thrilling action that will keep you glued to the page. Modernizing the mech genre and breathing new life into military sci-fi.

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Oathbreakers Anonymous

Stand-alone - Ebook, print, and Audio
Laughs, heart, and smiting

When the divine needs an intervention

This irreverent adventure centers on the exploits of four paladins of different gods - only after they've all lost their powers. In their quest to regain their god-given grace, these seasoned adventurers will face their toughest challenges yet, with no one to watch their backs but each other.

Get ready to laugh. This book's unique spin on the classic adventuring party will have fans of  tabletop RPGs cackling with glee. Audio narration by Mark Garkusha.

The Dragon's Banker

Standalone novel (ebook, audio, and print)

A merchant banker lands the client of a lifetime

The Dragon's Banker sees Sailor Kelstern enter the employ of an ancient and powerful dragon as the transition from a gold-backed economy to banknotes threatens to devalue his hoard of riches. Fantasy finance and business development reign supreme in this cozy fantasy story.

dragon's banker.png

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My personal favorite! a humanist main character getting everyone to pull in the same direction. If cozy fantasy is your jam, this is a book you can't miss.

Union Earth Privateers

3 book series (ebook exclusive)

Space marines and starship salvage

Humans exist hidden on the periphery of a crowded and hostile galaxy. Brave privateers haunt the edges of known space for salvage, braving the void and becoming the boogeymen of alien stories.

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Most aliens fear the void outside their ships where humans dare to walk. If you like the 'humans are space orcs' theme, this one is for you.

Sorcerous Crimes Division

2 book series (ebook and print)

Epic Fantasy crime-solving with a sharp edge

In a mountain city-state, big money brings big crime. When it involves magic, the Sorcerous Crimes Division are deployed. Raiders and detectors, these special constables specialize in sussing out conspiracies threatening to destabilize the region, and putting the hurt on sorcerous heavy hitters.


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My oldest books, and a bit rough around the edges. But there's really nothing else like them. Lots and lots of magic.


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